These warnings shall be read prior to the use of the product. By purchasing and or accepting delivery of your holster, you acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

Thin Blue Line Tactical products are custom fitted to standard factory equipped guns only. Any alterations to the dimensions, frame of the gun itself or the use of laser sights or any other may cause improper holster fit and or negligent discharge. It is the user’s responsibility throughout the serviceable life of the holster to personally check for retention and proper fit. This should be done each time the holster or accessory is used.

Should your holster become worn, loose defective, or ill-fitting at any time, cease use immediately and contact Thin Blue Line Tactical for warranty coverage details.

Thin Blue Line Tactical accepts no responsibility or liability for accident or death due to their product. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer. Should the product prove defective following its purchase, the buyer and not the manufacturer or retailer assumes the risk for any personal injury or death claims.

It is the user’s responsibility to personally check for holster handgun compatibility using actual products. It is also the user’s responsibility to regularly check the holster and hardware for proper fit and function. You should understand that the decision you make to carry a firearm carries a certain amount of risk and potential for injury or death. Keep your finger off the trigger at all times until you are ready to shoot. Keep fingers off the trigger guan when drawings or replacing the handgun in the holster.

Upon purchase of holsters and accessories, the purchaser and/or user assumes all risks as to the performance of the product. If the product is purchased for a specific use, the buyer and not the manufacturer, is responsible for the determination of the fitness of suitability of the product for such use. Because we cannot control the use of our products, all Thin Blue Line Tactical products as sold “as is”.

Thin Blue Line Tactical carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY for everyday use of its product.